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Essential Marketing Tactics For Sports Companies

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The fragmented media landscape poses a problem for sports marketers. Whilst the younger generations are tuning in to online channels, the older generation are still catching games through traditional TV broadcasts.

Whilst the paradigm shift to digital channels is a sign of the times, technological advances are changing consumer demand across the board. Sports is one of the strongest industries in commerce, but increasingly expensive subscription fees and pay-for-view sports events are driving sports fans towards alternative platforms. 

As a result, small businesses are being challenged to find new ways of reaching sports-minded consumers. But with a high percentage of the global population obsessed with sports, there is no shortage of opportunities.


Sports and online video channels 

Sports fans like to hang out online. And they typically don’t follow rights holders and brands for insider gossip.

Social media has become the most popular scene being the go to channels to follow and discuss sports.

  • Facebook (75%)
  • YouTube (52%)
  • Twitter (37%

Furthermore, trends are changing and sports fans are demanding more engaging and immersive experiences. YouTube is streaming highlights, bloopers, player profiles and post-match analysis. Twitter provides a continuous feed of news snippets and opinion whilst Facebook provides a platform for like-minded fans to hang out and share thoughts, elations and frustrations.

Beyond finding the right channels in which to engage your audience, the challenge for sports marketers is determining the best ways of actively engaging consumers. Trends within sports communities reveal that video is the most convincing marketing strategy with a reported 69% of all web traffic consuming video content.

According to sports media group, Perform, the majority of sports fans use social networks to access video highlights and written articles. The biggest flux of traffic is after the game and during grandstand matches, web searches for player stats and team trivia tend to rise.


Utilising video marketing tactics

The digital arena dictates marketers to incorporate multimedia channels in your marketing strategy. Subsequently, sports marketing is orienting itself towards lifestyle and entertainment choices. For example, bars can offer match day pitchers for a discount and small businesses can run promotions in conjunction with local teams. 

Social media provides small businesses with a powerful platform to host competitions. And sports fans love a competition! Utilising social networks to engage a sports audience and drive them to your website with various incentives promises to increase revenue.

But if you really want to retain the attention of sports fans, video is the most powerful marketing tool of them all.

 sports stat.png

And thanks to technologies such as the iPhone and affordable video editing software, creating sports videos is not as expensive as you might think.

Video content benefits tremendously from social media networks that serve as distribution channels. And because you can embed video content on your website, utilise the pulling power of video sharing networks to drive sports fans to you online store. Sports marketers that utilise the power of video register more goals on the score sheet.


online video, Sport, Sports Marketing, Marketing Tactics

Be the first to receive our new whitepaper: The State of Online Video Content  2018 & Beyond >>>
Be the first to receive our new whitepaper: The State of Online Video Content  2018 & Beyond >>>

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