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How are luxury beauty brands using online video? Let’s find out

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The way beauty customers consumer content has changed and will continue changing as the digital landscape evolves. As a beauty brand, you can now reach your customers through multiple channels. What they look for from each channel and the way they’re influenced by these channels changes. There’s no 'one strategy fits all' approach when it comes to video marketing.

Video marketing for luxury brands isn't just about tapping into an influencer's audience. The luxury brands themselves have amassed followers on their own video channels. 

Although only 11% of luxury brands say they plan to create more video content over the next 12 months, those who are already embracing online video as a viable marketing strategy have seen great success.

According to a Tubular report, advertising and premium content delivers the lowest engagement return on investment, compared to the volume of video content uploaded.


What content are luxury brands noticing drives the best engagement? ‘Real’ content.

Audiences enjoy and identify with authenticity. Using the ready-made platform of an influencer can help any brand increase the exposure of new products. But when it comes down to building repeat engagement, ‘real’ content is the key.

In fact, the same Tubular report found that ‘real’ content is actually driving 74% of all luxury video engagements. The ‘real’ content best received including behind the scenes videos, from fashion shoots to catwalk scenes at fashion shows. This is the ‘exclusive’ insight into the world of luxury so many consumers yearn for.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen many brands opening up their world for their consumers to catch a small glimpse behind the brand. Snapchat became an important campaign for Burberry back in 2015. They took steps to engage their mobile users with a Burberry Snapchat Testino Campaign. The 24-hour campaign was shot by Mario Testino. It was about shaking up the traditional advertising, making their brand more accessible and immediate. And it did just that.

Since then, the volume of luxury brands taking to online video marketing has escalated.



Imagine creating a video that goes viral, drives an 8% growth in perfume and cosmetics divisions and wins you a top industry award. All without paid media or marketing. That’s exactly what Kenzo managed when they commissioned a video to celebrate the launch of Kenzo’s ‘Kenzo World’ fragrance. This is just one small example of online video marketing done right.

Watch the video below:


Christian Dior

Over the last few years, Dior has embraced social video content, including opening their doors to expose behind the scenes content. It’s this approach to ‘real’ content that has helped them generate 1.6M engagements and 16M views across their social media platforms in March 2017.

And they’ve proved not every luxury brand needs to partner with the ‘most influential’ influencers. Working with influencers with a smaller following can have its advantages, as Dior found out. They carefully selected micro-influencers - all with under 500,000 followers. (They did, however, utilise some of their common celebrity ambassadors for this campaign, as well.)

Using micro-influencers can help brands drive more engagement. For this particular new perfume launch since August 26, 2017, Dior managed to reach 16.6 million people with their campaign. Based on its success, Dior is planning to emulate, or even surpass these results with their 2018 campaign.


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Be the first to receive our new whitepaper: The State of Online Video Content  2018 & Beyond >>>
Be the first to receive our new whitepaper: The State of Online Video Content  2018 & Beyond >>>

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