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Key Challenges for Marketing Tech Services

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As digital channels become oversaturated with content, B2B technology companies can struggle to reach decision makers and get their voices heard. In such a high activity medium, getting the right channels to increase their sales funnel has become increasingly demanding. The ability to connect with decision makers about an important issue, goal or challenge to their business can have a dramtic impact on the success of almost any enterprise technology organization.

Despite these challenges, more and more tech companies are finding success by producing original video content to advertise their products and services. In recent years, video content has become a powerful marketing tool used to introduce solutions to target companies and individuals.

Whilst many decisionmakers don’t have time to sift through data sheets, almost eveyrone has the time to watch an entertaining, engaging two or three minute video about a solution that might be of value to them. Employing a video content marketing strategy can be one of the most effective ways to bridge the gap between your solutions and potential clients.


Creating Videos that Deliver Success

When it comes to video content marketing, there is a wealth of data that illustrates the value that ths can bring to a tech organisation. Beyond the metrics videos are a great way to hook people with a captivating and simple story, before digging to the specifics in later sales calls. One of the best examples of this can be seen in Dropbox’s 2009 YouTube video which solidified the company’s legacy as an innovator.

Creating videos that are particularly funny, humourous or entertaining will help you stand out from the crowd. Tech company New Relic’s most popular video on YouTube isn’t a serious webinar or tutorial but a hilarious rap song made by an employee. Rather than trying to sell products, this video opts to provide entertainment value instead. 

However, you can also create more serious material so long as your content is fundamentally useful. Whether your upoloading tutorials on how to use your solution, product demos, webinars about industry trends and best practices or “how-to” style videos. Whether you’re creating comedic vidoes or animated infographics and explainer videos you need to provide value.

A great example of this is SalesForce’s Dunkin Donuts customer testimonial video, which hits the mark perfectly. The video is targeted towards their retail prospects and features a brand that’s well known in the industry. By thinking outside the box in a humourous way Salesforce markets their technical solution in a much more compelling way than a dry sales pitch. This type of marketing not only sticks in customers heads, but personifies the brand’s message itself.


Unique Challenges in Tech Marketing

Despite the effectiveness of video content marketing, there are a number of unique challenges in marketing for tech businesses. In particular, Hinge research reveals that tech service firms are most likely to specialize in solving a particular problem (42%) and serve a particular geography or region (42.2%). This diversity of services has meant that there is a polarization amongst tech firms in the way that marketing success is measured.

This year, tech firms used 54% more metrics than last year, but the number of tech service firms that abstained from measuring marketing impact has trebled since last year.

In addition, there is the problem of tech companies positioning themselves as differentiators that don’t differentiate. Firms commonly try to differentiate themselves based on their expertise, level of service, specialities and commitment to results leading them to fade into the background.


Tech Companies with Great Video Marketing Strategies

Despite the challenges faced by tech businesses, there are many innovators out there doing a good job of engaging decision makers. One example comes from Google’s video series released in 2016 before the Rio Olympic games. The video series took viewers into favelas and provided an insight into local life. The series was designed to be watched on Google cardboard for a VR experience.

The video series acted as an opportunity for Google to provide content that engaged viewers and develop exposure of their latest technology. The same strategy is used in Google’s annual “Year in Search” videos. Producing entertaining content has given Google much deeper market penetration than if they had relegated themselves to technical pitches. 

A smaller case study is seen with GE, who created videos to show off their technology through a YouTube channel called ‘Labracadabra’ which displays home made science experiments. The experiments premise captures the intrigue of the audience and pulls the viewer into the world GE’s expertise and products. Such a model could be implemented by even the smallest tech startup.


Tech Brands as Content Creators

If tech brands want to take their marketing to the next level now’s the time to embrace video marketing. Whether you decide to go the comedic route or start off with animated explainer videos you’ll be much better placed to communicate with time-strapped decision makers. Many companies make the mistake of taking themselves to seriously and forget to add some personality to their brand. What makes brands like Google so emblematic, is their wacky brand personality as much as their quality search engine.

Video content is the next frontier of development in tech marketing. As a mass of new tech startups come cropping up, customers and decision makers will be force to memorise only those that provoke an emotion or capture their attention. Any middle of the road talk of being ‘specialists’ won’t drive enthusiasm to the extent a Youtube channel would. Today, marketing is as much about entertaining as it is about selling. 


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Be the first to receive our new whitepaper: The State of Online Video Content  2018 & Beyond >>>
Be the first to receive our new whitepaper: The State of Online Video Content  2018 & Beyond >>>

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