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Making the Most of Year-end Giving

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The year is quickly drawing to a close and people are beginning to prepare themselves for the holidays. They’re doing their shopping for gifts, decorating their homes and casting their minds back over the year. It’s a natural time for them to consider the impact they’ve had on their world over the last several months, and to consider those who are less fortunate.

It is this sense that drives people to contribute more to charities near the end of the year than at any other time during the rest of the year. As a matter of fact, a staggering 10% of all charitable giving happens in the last three days of every year. So how can your charity tap into this wellspring of generosity and make the best of the year-end giving windfall?


Perfect timing

During the MobileCause webinar, 45% of the attendees said that their biggest year-end fundraising challenge was creating a convincing appeal using a multi-channel campaign. On the plus side, multi-channel campaigns have consistently proven to be spectacularly successful, raising an impressive 38% more money than other campaigns, regardless of the time of year. This makes perfect sense, considering that over two-thirds of donors have said they are more likely to give when there are multiple ways to either donate or volunteer.

When you take this in conjunction with the massive spike in donations experienced towards the end of the year, a well-timed multi-channel campaign that coincides with this more generous period can prove to be a considerable boon for the cash-strapped charity. And when the timing coincides with a massive, national (or even international) campaign designed to bring out the charitable side of people, so much the better.

In 2017, #GivingTuesday is being celebrated for the sixth year in a row. This day, dedicated to encouraging people to dig deep and expose their generous side, is making a significant difference to charities.


Last year, non-profits made a total of $177 million on just this one day, a figure that was up from $115 million in 2015.

This was achieved thanks to over one-and-a-half billion media impressions, illustrating just how effective a multi-channel campaign really can be. With 2017’s Giving Tuesday scheduled for 28 November, now is the time to start pushing out your campaign.


The power of emotion

It’s no secret to non-profit organisations that emotional appeals are the most effective way to convince people to contribute. So how do you go about injecting the emotion into your multi-channel campaigns?

One of the most effective ways to engage emotions is through video content. The beauty of video is that it brings people into closer contact with the reactions, the reality and the life’s breath of your charity. According to a study by Wistia, videos evoked a more than 20% increase in click-throughs than simple images did.

But it’s more than just a video appeal that encourages donation, as video can be just as effective for follow-ups and encouraging ongoing sharing and donation. Bear in mind the 3-to-1 rule, by ensuring you follow up three times following a donation before asking for another contribution. These three follow-ups can include:

  • An auto-play thank you video directly after the donation is made
  • A progress report or status update showing how their contribution is helping
  • And personal thank-you videos to your top ten donors

… or get creative and come up with good reasons to keep in touch.


The season of giving is here and Giving Tuesday is just around the corner. What great ideas have you got for your multi-channel campaign?

charity, non-profits, Year-end giving, Year-end fundraising

Be the first to receive our new whitepaper: The State of Online Video Content  2018 & Beyond >>>
Be the first to receive our new whitepaper: The State of Online Video Content  2018 & Beyond >>>

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