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Over the last decade, the digital landscape has changed substantially. Although there have been changes across the digital spectrum as a whole, the rise in popularity of online video is one of the most notable. And it’s not just become more popular with consumers, advertisers are increasing their budget spends to get a slice of the action.

According to the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), advertising spend on online video has overtaken banner ads for the first time in the UK. On average, 57% of consumers globally watch videos on a mobile phone every day, while 58% of consumers watch videos on their laptop or desktop every day. So it’s not just desktop users you should be creating video content for, it’s mobile users, too. This is a crystal clear indicator that the online video market is only going to continue growing.

As the above statistic highlights, mobile users are almost balanced with desktop users. In fact, time spent watching videos on mobile has grown considerably over the last three years. With time spent watching these videos increasing from a mere 51 minutes per week to two hours and 21 minutes.

Though mobile and desktop seem equal now, with 77% of global consumers saying they can’t live without their smartphone or always having to have it within arm’s reach. We are very close to the tipping point where mobile will soon be the video screen of choice.

Now you know how rapidly the mobile video market is expanding, what kind of video content is delivering results?

What kind of beauty video content grabs the user’s attention?

The beauty and cosmetics industry is a competitive one. With vloggers and own-brand channels popping up left, right and centre, it can be tough to break through with your content. But having an insight into what resonates with your market is key - it gives you the inside track.

There is one video format paving the way for beauty consumers and that’s short-form videos.

Short-form video is rising at an even higher pace when compared to other video formats. It’s not hard to understand why this is so popular. The content is concise and you can watch it on the move - it just slots right into any lifestyle. In fact, 42% of consumers are watching videos that are five minutes or less every single day.

One beauty brand who have jumped straight onto this video trend is Clinique. Not only are their ads delivering the short-form videos the consumer loves, they’re recycling their print ads. The beauty giant has reinvented their print adverts by showcasing them in a six-second video format. And why wouldn’t you recycle material for another medium if you could? Glossy reported that Jackie Swansburg Paulino, who is VP of customer success at Pixability stated. “Even for brands with deep pockets, with the amount of content they’re being asked to create today, cutting corners is necessary.”

You can watch one of Clinique’s six-second videos below:

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Be the first to receive our new whitepaper: The State of Online Video Content  2018 & Beyond >>>
Be the first to receive our new whitepaper: The State of Online Video Content  2018 & Beyond >>>

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