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How Video Content Brings Complex Subjects to Life

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Analytics, property valuations, agriculture and water—these topics are often a struggle to wrap your head around, challenging to explain and even more so to make people actively listen to. Not only is it difficult to create content that attracts viewers to these subjects, but also to make viewers connect and engage with them.

But with 80% of viewers recalling a video they’ve seen in the past 30 days and 54% using video as a go-to source for learning, video content is a potent tool for educating and informing viewers about intricate topics, as well as breaking down complicated material.

By creating video content that is dynamic, relatable and that audiences respond to, we’ve helped a number of brands simplify their stories and bring them to life. This content has been pivotal in delivering their stories to online audiences in a crowded digital landscape where video continues to play a vital role, particularly on social media.

Eye-opening visuals and statistics with Deloitte

One of these brands is Deloitte, a global network of multinational firms that collaboratively provide audit, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory and tax related services to its clients. We’ve worked with Deloitte on its partnership with global Swiss agribusiness and biotechnology company, Syngenta, which offers a solution to humanity’s ‘toughest challenge’; sustainable food in a growing population.

We created highly visual and informative video content* that educates viewers on the issues and solutions that Syngenta proposes, with the videos’ fast-paced style echoing the speed at which the population is rising and the impending need to act quickly. Overlaid with eye-opening statements, compelling statistics and impressive graphics and visuals, the videos successfully shed light on the root of Deloitte and Syngenta’s mission to transform the agricultural industry to one that is digitally adept.

Simplifying technology with Brandwatch

Brandwatch is a social media monitoring company that provides brands worldwide with social listening software, analytics, insights and data communications. Our long-standing relationship with Brandwatch has meant that we’ve been able to produce video content to help launch some of its biggest platforms, Signals and Audiences, as well as content that shows its analytical products live in action.

Our core approach with our creative for Brandwatch is simplicity, an echo of how its technology has the ability to make complex challenges simple. Through a combination of bold visuals and animation, coupled with tangible metaphors and cunning scripts, we’ve been able to showcase the solutions Brandwatch’s products provide in a way that sets the company aside from its competitors. Not only do the videos highlight the impact of the products, but also help simplify Brandwatch’s technology in a way that speaks to key decision makers in top brands and agencies - Brandwatch’s key demographic.

Illustrating a new vision with Anglian Water

Anglian Water provides water and recycling services to the East of England and its Love Every Drop strategy aims to raise awareness of water’s essentiality to life, the environment and a growing economy.

The company sought to use video to concisely summarise its strategic direction to its wider internal staff including directors and employees. We worked with Anglian Water to create a piece of animated video content* that not only outlines its vision, but also educates company members and empowers them to be able to articulate each principle. The video’s key imagery focusses on the world of possibilities that this new outlook presents and is delivered in an engaging and upbeat fashion that echoes the company’s tone of voice.


Digestible property advice with Countrywide

Countrywide Surveying Services is a leading supplier of residential valuations and surveys in the UK. They help new and experienced home buyers budget and plan for works to be carried out on their new home, as well as provide mortgage and valuation advice to banks and building societies.

Through a series of animated tutorials and walkthroughs, we’ve been able to present Countrywide’s vast and detailed services in a way that online viewers can easily consume and digest.

(**We are unable to publish this content at this time as a matter of disclosure).

brandwatch, Case Study, countrywide, deloitte, syngenta, video content

Be the first to receive our new whitepaper: The State of Online Video Content  2018 & Beyond >>>
Be the first to receive our new whitepaper: The State of Online Video Content  2018 & Beyond >>>

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